The ABCs of Talda

I know this meme might be a little old but I’m hoping this will kickstart my writing more consistently. Besides, I’m sure you’ve all been wondering about these things anyway. You know you have. Maybe.

Okay, probably not. Whatever.

A. Age: 29 for the next 4 months. Gonna live it up!

B. Bed size: Twin. Yes, I’m 29 and I’m still sleeping in a twin daybed. I sleep by myself and I really don’t need that much room.

C. Chore you hate: Taking out the trash. And cleaning. I don’t really like to clean so I try to keep things clean so I don’t have to clean them. I prevent-a-clean.

D. Dogs: I’d love one if I knew I would be a good dog owner.

E. Essential start to your day: Prayer and then checking Twitter and my email

F. Favorite color: green

G. Gold or silver: silver

H. Height: 5’4″

I. Instruments: I played the clarinet and the piano for a year. Don’t remember too much of either. I failed at being an Asian kid

J. Job title: Personal Assistant and Chief Officer of Awesomeness

K. Kids: Hahahahaha. Hahahahaha. Ha. None yet

L. Live: Northern California

M. Mom’s name: Mom

N. Nicknames: Bean, Talda Bear

O. Overnight hospital stays: One as a baby when I was facing losing a toe [I ended up keeping the toe. True story]. Only other time I stayed overnight wasn’t as a patient. I slept over when my dad had his heart transplant. Worst sleep ever. Hospital waiting room floors are not comfortable.

P. Pet peeve: Late people or starting things late. It’s the Army in me.

Q. Quote from a movie: Now he’s kissing her on the lips! She’s a ho! My dad’s be captured by a ho!

R. Right or left handed: Right

S. Siblings: 2 sisters. That makes me the middle child. I’m starting to make a lot more sense huh?

T. Time you wake up: Between 7:30 and 8ish

U. Underwear: Yes. I wear it everyday

V. Vegetables you dislike: Cauliflower? I don’t know. I just prefer not to eat veggies. Not because I don’t like them, just because I prefer other stuff

W. What makes you run late: Underestimating my time

X. X-Rays you’ve had: Teeth, chest

Y. Yummy food you make: Open-faced beef wellington (thank you Cook’s Country for making me look fabulous!)

Z. Zoo- favorite animal: Penguins!

Dear blog,

I miss you. Really I do. At the moment, I’m doing battle with my term paper [well, not actually right this VERY moment, since I'm obviously using you to distract from that hot piece of mess]. You know the one I should have started a month ago but didn’t? No, not that one. No, not that one either. The other one. No…okay, okay. I do this A LOT.

But I’m going into the last week of school [FOREVER!] and things should start to settle down a bit soon. Just hang in there. I’ll be back soon. I promise.

No, this time I’m for real. Okay, so you’ve heard it all before. Just be happy I come back at all.

Wait, I didn’t mean it like that.


Last month I finally had a chance to head down south to visit Lindsey in Los Angeles. It was a quick weekend jaunt [one of the many perks of living in Cali. Day trips down south for the win!] but definitely fun, if not with it’s own set of issues.

So my mom took advantage of my trip to use me as her personal UPS. So for a weekend trip I brought a suitcase to check. Yes people, I would be down south for just less than 48 hours and I checked luggage. What could I possibly be bringing with me?


Of that entire suitcase, all the things that I would be using for the weekend fit in that flap part on the left. I figured the TSA folks would have a good laugh at the girl who packed a couple changes of clothes and a suitcase FULL OF FOOD. And what’s that? Is that some frozen soup?! WHY YES, YES IT IS!

Because my mother doesn’t send halfhearted care packages. Oh no.

Anywho,the flight was quick and uneventful and I didn’t even have to wait that long for my bag [score!]. If only my rental car shuttle had cooperated with me. Sigh. I don’t know how long I had to wait but I saw multiple shuttles for every single rental car company except for Budget. Figures. We were waiting for so long that we actually CHEERED when the Budget shuttle finally appeared. The only problem was since we had to wait for so long, the shuttle ended up being packed so it was a fun race to get off the shuttle and into the rental office first.  I managed to be the third or fourth one in which wasn’t too bad. If only the clerk helping me didn’t creep me out so much. Here I am trying to watch the Angels/Red Sox game and he’s trying to make some flirty chit-chat and I was not having none of that. And then, when I had to give him my number for the system, he stared at me as he typed it in. I guess I was supposed to be impressed with his typing skills? Fail.

I shelled out the extra cash for a GPS unit and I’m glad I did. I wrote down Lindsey’s address wrong so if I had gotten paper directions, I would have been hard press to figure out where to go from where I was at. I was glad all I had to do was reenter the address and he would recalculate the distance and lead me on my way. Oh, so let me introduce you to my weekend friend: Thomas Dolby Garmin the Third. You can call him Thomas Dolby for short.


After wandering around aimlessly, I finally arrived at Lindsey’s apartment, probably about an hour or so later than I should have after all was said and done. But hey, I made it. I almost want to buy a Thomas Dolby for my own but I am fairly familiar with my current location. Maybe if I move I’ll invest in the miracle device. Though they’re really only good until you know where you’re going.

Next up: the rest of the weekend. Highlights include: Bubba and chicken, zombies, roller coasters and cupcakes. Of course there’d be cupcakes!

No sir, I do not have a point

I have a blog [duh].

I also have a twitter account [perchance you have seen it?].

Plus I’m on Facebook [ah ha! No link love on this one].

I “cross-promote” my blog and twitter accounts yet my Facebook remains all alone. There’s no mention of either my blog or my twitter accounts on there.

It’s not like I’m ashamed of my blog. Hardly. I mean, the most salacious thing I’ve written about was maybe my very tame trip to Vegas. Or maybe it was how I ate cupcakes for breakfast.

It certainly wasn’t the one thing that was banned from public discussion. Because I never wrote about that. Whew that was a fun party, by the way.

Anywho, as I was maybe not saying, it’s not like I’m scared of people finding my blog. It is public after all. And you know, it’s kind of also linked to my flickr account so what is my deal anyway? It can’t be because I don’t like the idea of people who know me reading what I have to say. What sense does that make when I put my thoughts out here for the whole Internet and it’s mama to see? And that my friends all know about it already. Exactly.

The only thing I can really attach it to is that my real name is attached to Facebook. It’s not like I’m afraid of my real name getting out there [because it has been revealed plenty of times before] but I guess I like the fact that those two worlds are separate. Though if you searched hard enough, you can still find your way to this site.
On a side note, maybe I should disable that other site. I don’t reference it as much as I used to. Plus it’s a pain and a half to go back and search through it. I’ll have to seriously consider that but I think I already have my answer.

Am I scared of employers finding the site? No. I don’t discuss work [at least not in the direct sense] or even how I feel about it, so there’s not a worry there. Not in that regard at least. Besides, I don’t want the general public knowing where I call my office. That’s just not safe. Or smart. It’s not smarfe.

Sorry once again. I digress.

I guess I wrote this whole thing out to say, I really don’t know what it is I’m doing.

But did you really need an entire blog post to figure that out? I thought not.

The sound of suckage in B-Flat

I was listening to the radio the other night when Mint Condition’s “Pretty Brown Eyes” [okay, just watch the video…DO NOT read the comments. They will make your head hurt] came on. I haven’t heard that song in AGES and of course I had to sing and dance along. Because that is what I do.

As I was singing, dancing and reminiscing about junior high, the song ended and then I heard, “I’m going to lick you from your neck to your navel.”

And that was when the record scratched to a stop.

Isn’t that the craziest juxtaposition ever?

Of course this led to a diatribe about how I wouldn’t want this unnamed stranger singing to me about licking me from my neck to my navel and thinking just how groddy [yes I actually said groddy] it would be and then I just became uncomfortable and grossed out so I had to change the station. A lot of the newer songs are a bit more graphic about what they want to do to the other and that overtness always makes me revert back to my giggly junior high self. Unfortunately it’s what I do when the conversation is completely out of context and it’s not with the bf. What happens is I just picture the person who said whatever doing that to me and that is just not what I ever want to happen, which in turns grosses me out.

But I digress. Then I thought, as Mariah was singing about us belonging together or whatever, that except for the occasional artist, there aren’t to many really good or even decent love songs anymore. Do people still believe in love these days? Because not too many people are singing about it. They just skip right along ahead to doing each other with the quickness. Maybe I’m old-fashioned but shouldn’t there be some kind of wooing before getting right to the gritty?

This is the thing; I don’t feel the need to avoid the radio after a break up. Remember how you knew the last thing you wanted to do was turn on the radio [even though you did]? Especially at night lest you end up crying yourself to sleep. Whether the song was about a great love or just a great love lost, there was something in there that affected you in someway.

Or maybe it was just me. I remember turning on the radio after a breakup and heard After 7’s “Till You Do Me Right” and whoamygod I lost it. Then I told my friend Monica all about it the next day during our field trip. I know, completely overdramatic. I was in junior high after all. Emotions and hormones are a million different kinds of wonky. Remember how you could count on Babyface to push you over the edge with all of his emotionable songs? You wrecked this poor teenager’s heart in so many ways.

But am I wrong in thinking the radio is now kind of safe post-heart break [of course, there are a few stations to avoid]? I just don’t see it happening when I’m hearing Justin singing about whatever or Soulja Boy’s “Kiss Me Through the Phone.” It’s just not the same.

Maybe I’m just romanticizing the past or maybe this is just a sure-fire sign that I am getting old [another post for another day] but I guess I’m just lamenting the slow demise of music. Now that just about anyone can make a quick buck from one song, everyone’s in such a rush to get in that most commercial music is all watered down. Everything sounds the same and most of it is crap and definitely not worth the $15 or so it costs for a new album [though I wonder why ANYONE is paying full price for music…they go on sale at Target the week it is released!].

And the music industry is wondering why people don’t by CDs anymore.

The Count was a vampire! A number-loving one

I know it’s been a few days but I haven’t been totally ignoring the blog. I actually started writing up a post on Monday but just never got around to finishing it. Things have been busy this week but come Friday it will all be good.

I’ve spent the past two weeks working on my final accounting project, finishing up accounting homework, prepping my notes for my accounting final along with working on the past few case studies and working on my take-home exam for my operations management class in between my real work for the job [the boss was out of town so I made sure to keep busy]. But the end of the tunnel is near. Like super near and I’ll be one happy grad school student come Friday morning when I’m officially on break for two glorious weeks.

Say, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Now if I could only figure out what I’m supposed to be doing for this last problem I’d be all set, but I have a feeling I need my book for this, which is sadly at home. Oh well.

I’m hoping I can figure something out since this problem is worth 15 points. I need those points, even if it’s only half of them.

Hopefully I can figure something out because I don’t even know how to label the crap I have. It’s so bad I can’t even fake it!

That and it’s due tomorrow. So um, I’m pretty much out of options at this point. Good thing I finished the rest of the exam.

Oh I have an update on the vampire neighbors: at least two of them are NOT vampires. At least, not normal vampires. They could still be backward vamps. But anyway, I saw two of them walking around outside Sunday morning. Yeah, I know: so utterly disappointing. I guess I can still dream about the others being vampires.

All the while making mental notes to never invite them into the house.

No place like home. Especially if there’s pizza

Yesterday was quite the day of feasting. My mom was kind enough to pre-make udon for my lunch [with noodles, eggs, chives and gim in one container and the soup base in another]. The excitement was palpable. I seriously could NOT wait for lunch to come.

Then for dinner I met up with the Firelady at Zachary’s for some deep dish pizza that I’m practically salivating about since I’m having leftovers for lunch today. Oh the tomato sauce is gonna be even better than last night! Oooh I wish it were lunch time already!

The Baker did not join us as he started yet another one of his cleanses this week. This is not the first time he’s had to back out due to a cleanse. I suspect that he is just trying to avoid me but he assures me it’s not. Yeah, suuuuure. I kid, I kid. I’ll reserve judgment until after I get my cookies.

Mmm. Bribery never tasted so good.

Of course, this is based on the fact that I receive my bribe. I really hope I do.

Hint. Hint.

The biggest excitement of the day, meaning no slight to the Firelady, was finally scoring tickets to see Wicked! I know! I am so stoked. Tami will be coming up for the evening to take in the show with me. Granted, we’re paying a wee bit more than planned but I’ve become kind of snobby about tickets. I go to one show at the Orpheum and all of the sudden I get picky.

Anywho, I tried to be respectful of Tami’s budget but a small part of me was happy to find out that there were only single seats available in the balcony that were in her price range. That way I didn’t feel guilty of scoring some awesome seats in the mezzanine. Seriously, they’re center stage in the fourth row from the front…I’ll have prime viewing experience and this cuts down the risk of sitting behind someone taller than me! Plus, what a great way to spoil Tami [for those of you worried about the price difference, I’m covering it so she’s still paying what she listed as her maximum. I wouldn’t do anyone like that!]. Sure I could have gotten orchestra seats for the same price as the mezzanine but I want to be able to see everything. Besides, what’s the point of sitting down there if you can’t see everything?

I have been dying to see this show since they first debuted it before heading to Broadway way back when and then I read the book and it’s been an obsession ever since. And now I get to go! Sure it’s not with the originating cast but whatever. It’s still Wicked.

Now all I have to do is wait. Ugh the waiting. Why didn’t I get tickets for next week show? Oh, I know; because I wasn’t thinking.