WeVerb14: Day 5 – Sing

Sing: What song or lyrics will be forever tied to 2013 in your mind? What songs are you excited to keep with you through 2014?

There were two songs that will forever tie my mind to 2013, both of which, incidentally featured Pharrell (was 2013 the Year of Pharrell or something?): Daft Punk’s Get Lucky and Pharrell’s Happy.

I don’t really listen to the radio anymore, outside of the 70s and 80s station I occasionally listen to but these two songs managed to reach me. I’ve been a fan of Daft Punk for a while now and have been looking forward to their latest album and I came across ‘Happy’ through Despicable Me 2. Both songs just make me ridiculously…happy and want to dance. Even in the car. Which I’ve done. I know they were definitely “songs of the moment” with plenty of radio airplay but when a song makes you smile, dance, and sing along then it’s a good song despite the conditions.

At the moment, I’ll probably carry both those songs with me into 2014. They still make me smile and dancey whenever I hear them and I do look forward to having them played at our wedding because they make me happy.

End of the road

I was going through my email today when I received a comment moderation alert from the weddening site. Of course it was just more spam though quite timely spam: would I be writing about Michael Jackon.

And the answer? At first it was no, I won’t be because I planned on talking about something else. But as I write this, I know I am falling into the web as everyone else. I think there are enough people memorializing Jackson’s death as is and at the risk of alienating some people and pissing off others, I’m admitting that I don’t much care.

I’ve heard some people say they will always remember what they were doing or where they were when they heard the news. Me? I was in my car, on the way to a doctor’s appointment and my first thought after the initial shock [because anyone who passes at 50 passed away too soon]?

“Well, we all have an appointed time…and if didn’t make things right, I wouldn’t want to be in the room when that judgment goes down.”

Incredibly callous, yes?

He is a musical genius and did provide the soundtrack for my childhood. I remember sitting behind the couch listening to the Thriller video because the zombies and the werewolf he turned into scared the crap out of me but I still loved the song. I remember watching Captain Eo in 3D at Disneyland. I remember watching the premiere of “Remember the Time” with my mom. I even owned Moonwalker [I think we might still have that tape somewhere in the house. Maybe] and I fell a lot trying to imitate that sick lean he did in Smooth Criminal. I remember the discussions with my aunts as they reminisced about “vintage” Michael before he grew pale and changed his nose. I appreciate the musical and dance inspirations he’s brought to the industry. And no one will ever top his music videos. They weren’t just videos, but mini movies.

We do have him to thank for the introduction of Michael DeLorenzo after all.

That said, the legend did not pass away yesterday. The legend will live on in his music and videos and in the memories we all possess. Yesterday the man passed away. If I were to mourn anything, it would be the man who left a family and friends behind. A man who had a stunted childhood and grew into a slightly bewildered man-boy with questionable decision-making skills. In the end, his curious personal life outshone his brilliant professional life which makes it hard to feel much of anything.

As much of a fan of his music, I can’t get passed his very public personal issues. It’s a little unfair, yes, but it is a part of him. It’s been a long while since I was able to listen to one of his songs without feeling that pang of sadness of a busted and very tarnished image. Yes I still bop around and sing along to his songs but it’s with a different and very real perspective. After separating the man from the legend this is who we have left…and is that worth celebrating? Maybe. Maybe not.

But however I feel, my condolences go out to the loved ones he left behind.

It’s all in the fine print

So this Kid Cudi dude. Apparently I’m late to his party but honestly, I don’t even know why I showed up.

I’ve heard his name from a couple of friends and wanted to know what the fuss was all about. Turns out I actually did know one of his songs, and wouldn’t you know it’s a song I always change whenever it comes on. I just never got into it.

But since everyone and their mom was fussing over him, I thought I’d give it an honest listen but then I felt that familiar anxious feeling I get when I’m doing something that annoys me [and kind of close to the anxious feeling I get when I see Quddus]. But I kept on even when I really wanted to change the station. And I came close, like twice.

But then, THEN it was completely over when I heard “lonely loner” uttered through the speaker. A lonely loner? Really? It didn’t help when Mel suggested that maybe it was the radio edit and the loner was a lame stand in for stoner but that isn’t the case because stoner gets play in the lyric before that. I know being lonely is not indicative of being a loner but still. It just sounds lazy. And I left that party with the quickness.

Oh but the fun doesn’t end there.

Then I heard some other song, I can’t for the life of me remember who sung it [but it was a weird name] or the title, but it’s one of those “I’m so sad we’re broken up, I want you back, you’re one in a million” type of song. You know which kind I’m talking about. Well the girl is lamenting a failed relationship and then slips in that she cheated. But she wants him to stop punishing her and take her back.

I mean, you say this in the same vein that this other person is “one in a million”? If it were me, I’d so keep ignoring this person. Obviously I wasn’t enough for you if you had to go get some on the side. Whatever dude, I’m not coming back. Ever.

But these are all just rants. I don’t know why I get all worked up and frothy at the mouth whenever I hear something stupid but I do. And then I deride it and refuse to listen to it ever again, unless I want to make fun of it all over again.

I’m kind of silly like that.

So that is how I decided I still didn’t care about Kid Cudi. Isn’t this the longest most inane story on how I still don’t care about some rapper? I’m reaching new limits here! New limits.

I’m really wondering where the point disappeared to.

A pony by any other name…

So I was in my car after work yesterday minding my own business listening to Live 105, the alternative Rock station [that significance to be explained shortly…just remember that] when I started to hear the beginnings of Ginuwine’s Pony.

Yes, that Pony.

Obviously I’m a bit confused since instead of the soft-core feel it was decidedly edgier rock and I wondered how and why anyone in this genre would sample such a song. Oh, if only that were it.

Of course I start singing the song because everyone still knows the words and to my horror the singer starts singing them too! Excuse me what now? And it was OH.SO.HORRIBLE.

I don’t know who lied to this group [after a little search I’ve come to find out that it’s a group named Far who have been around for a while apparently] and told them that this would be a fantastic idea but it’s not. This song was great for what it was, a strip club song [yes you know it, I know it and I’m sure Ginuwine knows it too] and works in the sultry R&B format but just because you add in harder guitars and some drums does not make it okay. There are certain subtleties in the original…okay that’s a load of crap but half the fun in the original was the weird vocalizations that Ginuwine did [you know..."sends chiiiiilllllls up and down my spine..."] and those are absent in the cover.

Never mind the fact that I don’t like covers to begin with [but there are a few that I do like] and there are some songs that just shouldn’t be touched either because they’re good or that it’s just not worth the effort. This is of the latter variety.

Anyway, I just don’t picture a group of rockers singing that type of song at all. It’s not a love ballad. It’s an Iwannadoyougetuponmerightnowandlet’sgoit song. And quite frankly, unless I missed something and there is a 95% chance that I have, I haven’t heard that kind of song before on an Alt-Rock station. It’s just so weird.

Is there a Country version of this song? Because I think that might be even weirder.

Now that the Feds have cut interest rates yet again, I’m sitting and waiting to see if that will affect my APR for my ING accounts. Considering that we’re in such an economic meltdown, some of which are linked to credit cards and such, why not bring down the interest rates on those cards instead of punishing the savers like myself. Heck, I’d LOVE to see my interest rate go down. Granted, one of them is already in the single digits but the other one is still at 15% with no chance of getting lower [stupid airline miles I won’t even use!]. Bring that puppy down! Wouldn’t that help spur spending, even just a tiny bit?

Obviously I’m nothing close to an economic wunderkind but it’s just an idea.

After careful consideration…maybe it’s okay after all

I recently rediscovered Pandora. I used to use it back in 2005/06 when I was with the construction company but eventually abandoned it because I spent more time skipping over songs than anything. It seemed weird that, even after picking the artists and songs that I like, I still didn’t like much of what was suggested based on my picks. It was kind of sad really. I’m sure Pandora was confused. I can imagine it being, “here, try this music. You might like it.” and I just shake my head and turn around, “No Pandora, I think I’m going to stop. I don’t like anything you’ve brought.” Then Pandora is all confused, “But, I don’t understand? I based everything off your selections.” And I’m all nonchalant and just annoyingly shrug my shoulders, “Yeah, and that was cool but I just don’t like that.” Then Pandora glares at me, “BUT YOU PICKED THE MUSIC!!!” And I slowly back away, “Oooooooh-kay. So, um, I’m just going to leave now…have a good life.” and Pandora is left angry and confused and maybe a little bitter.

But this time it’s different, I swear. I returned to Pandora after finally growing tired of listening to the radio all day at work. Every couple of hours I’d hear the same songs though really I made the switch to stem the tide that is actually enjoying Kid Rock’s newest single. I didn’t like it but slowly, as I heard it everyday, I grew to tolerate it and now I find myself singing it every once in a while and THAT CANNOT HAPPEN. And while I do miss listening to Jayne’s on-air banter, the fact that the morning show started playing music the last hour they are on pretty much sealed the deal. There’s no real reason to listen to the radio anymore. I can get the gossip and traffic and any other news from the Internet and at least I don’t have to listen to the same 10 ads that air on the internet broadcast and since there’s a major delay on the streamed broadcast, its not like I can call in and win a contest so why keep torturing myself?

The major plus is that so far, I’ve been listening to Pandora since I got here and I haven’t had a repeat song yet. I did have repeat artists but that’s fine. Different songs. Plus, I haven’t heard Amy Winehouse, One Republic, Green Day or Katy Perry at all today. That’s a major plus! That and I got to hear Mo Money, Mo Problems. That will always be a fun song.

This second go round with Pandora has been a lot more successful than the first. Perhaps I matured a lot since then. Hopefully we can make this one work. So far so good! Though I completely did not mean for this to be a walking endorsement of the service. I guess it’s just that good.

Or maybe I’m feeling sorry for unceremoniously dumping it two years ago.

Tommorrow, maybe tomorrow I’ll write about the sad, sad state of the Raiders and also Mike Millen’s firing. I mean, way to grow a pair Bill Ford Jr.!

Four out of five fireflies approve…

Is it really Monday? But what happened to the weekend? I actually didn’t want to wake up this morning. Then again, my bed was quite comfy and warm so that made it a bit harder to get my body moving when the alarm went off.

Anywho, this weekend was pretty good. On Friday I wandered around El Cerrito to check out the neighborhood. I always see it from the BART train so I thought it’d be cool to see it from street level for once. I even came across a deer. Just walking along side a school eating grass. I took a couple of pictures, one on my camera and another on my phone to send to Jacki [inside joke].

Then Saturday came along. I woke up to a txt message from Amalia informing me that she wouldn’t be able to make the Rooney concert that night since she was still awaiting the birth of her latest grandchild. I was bummed but I do have a losing record against impending births and previously made plans. So far I’m 0-2 in that department [the first one when Mel had to miss a Yankees game because of the impending birth of her niece that ended up not happening until the next day].

Since she couldn’t make it that also meant our stop over at Clint’s parents’ house was also out, leaving me with practically the entire day to schlep around my house. I fussed with my computer trying to get it to acknowledge the strongest Internet connection and while I did that, I ended up overcooking my biscuits but I ate them anyway.

The big to do was held for later that evening with a trip to the Solano County Fair [for the first time in years] to check out Rooney who were performing that night. The turnout was okay I guess, lots of middle and high school kids and their parents. Our seats were in the second tier of reserved seating but once the concert started, everyone in the second tier rushed towards the open seats in the front section. So one of the guards just told us we could join the herd if we wanted. Of course we did. Thank goodness I didn’t pay first hand for those tickets. I would have been a bit put off.

Mel, Me and Rooney

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I’m sorry, I didn’t know I was supposed to care

So yesterday, while I was waiting on the platform for my train to the office, one of the platform supervisors sidled up next to me and asked if everything was okay. He’s an older gentleman who I’ve chatted with before. I told him everything was fine, because it was, and he said I was looking a little “unconcerned” so he just wanted to make sure.

I couldn’t quite figure out why looking “unconcerned” was a bad thing. Because seriously, what do I have to be concerned about? My hair? Rent? Global warming? Doing my best to keep my nose from dripping down my face?

I’m still looking at you, Lindsey.

As a lot of people say all the time, just because I’m not smiling doesn’t mean there is something wrong. Sometimes I’m just thinking or concentrating on something. And sometimes I’m not thinking about anything. Like if you peered into my mind, it’d be dark because those synapses either decided to go off and play hooky from work or they are still hitting the snooze button on the alarm. Either way no one is there to process things.

Either way, I wasn’t in any mood. I actually didn’t feel like anything. It was the status quo.

So I was listening to the Sarah and No Name show on Alice yesterday morning and they had Yael Naim on [she sings “New Soul” that song in the iPod commercials] and she does a cover of Britney Spears’ “Toxic” and oh my goodness! She makes me no longer ashamed that I love the song so much! I mean, Brit’s version is fun, frothy pop stuff but Yael’s version makes it seem like there’s a lot more substance to the song. Like, she’s singing about an ex-boyfriend that she knows she shouldn’t be with but yet for some odd reason she keeps getting pulled back in. We all know that guy.

Anywho, so the gocco I had my eye on was not meant to be. While it ended up going for under $100, I just couldn’t convince myself that it was worth putting on my credit card at the moment, even though my personal maximum hadn’t been reached yet. It was a hard decision, especially since I had a break in my meeting with enough time to make a few last minute bids if I wanted but didn’t. This is me convincing myself I did a good thing financially. Especially since I just bought new hubcaps. Do I sound convinced yet?

But I am still emboldened with the hope and knowledge that I can get it for $100 or less, base price. I’m gonna win!

Who’s helpless now?!

I had a real meal last night. Sure it was nachos but I made it at home and it was sooo good. Though what I really wanted was pasta. Oh well. I tried.

And you know how much people love Dennis Richmond around these parts? The second highest rated show on Wednesday [after annoying juggernaut American Idol] was his final broadcast on the Ten O’Clock news. It scored a whopping 15.62 households in the Bay Area [Idol was first with 17.26]. That’s some major love.

So how awesome is this: so you know how I wanted to have a fondue party but ultimately decided against it because I couldn’t find a reasonably priced place to go? Well I mentioned that over lunch with Korede last weekend and wouldn’t you know that she had bought a fondue pot but never used it because she couldn’t get her friends to try it out with her so she gave it to me! So I have a new toy to play with. I’m super excited. Now if only cheese wasn’t so expensive. At least the good stuff that’s worth making fondue out of. Maybe I can start with a chocolate fondue instead. Mmm, that’s worth another thought.

Sometimes when I’m on BART or MUNI and I can hear someone’s music blaring through their headphones, I like to imagine a different person listening to it. Like, if it’s some classical music [who knew you could blast classical music?] I like to think it’s from the guy with the Mohawk. I’m sure people don’t expect to hear me listening to Jimmy Eat World.

You know what a problem with the iPod is? It exposes your dirty little guilty pleasures. A while back my nephew was going through my iPod and questioning my taste in music [as if] and I never really become acutely aware of all the “bad” songs I have on there. I mean, yes I have Ashlee Simpson but it’s just that one song! But I also have it Seal! And George Michael! Those should counterbalance the Ashlee effect. Right? RIGHT?

I wish it stopped at Ashlee though. I’m not sure if the rest of my music collection could hold its weight against the select guilty pleasures I have crammed into it. And yes, sometimes I am hesitant to pick up certain CDs at Rasputin because some of the people there tend to be music snobs and I am afraid that maybe one day they won’t let me buy that one RJD2 CD because I had the audacity to buy Lou Bega that one time [not that I did buy it…but I did get it as a gift]. I know that probably wouldn’t happen but what if it did? What if I couldn’t get the next copy of Weezer or catch up on Jimmy Eat World while dabbling a little with Paramore and Outkast and Amel Larrieux? Then again, can you really hate me for enjoying some B-52s?


It’s too early in the morning for this…

One of the hazards of living in my parents’ house is the risk you take from using the household appliances. Today I went to wake my mom up to let her know that it was 6:30 so she could watch Andrew Womack, and my dad jumped on me for “breaking” the downstairs television simply because I was the last one to use it. For some reason it wouldn’t turn on and obviously this is because of something I did.

So what did I do? Fixed the television. I guess I “fixed” it; I’m not sure because I don’t know anything about televisions besides how to turn them on and off [and really, how he expected me to “fix it” was beyond me]. So here I am, squeezed in beside the television and trying to figure out why it won’t turn back on and in my infinite wisdom, I simply plug the stupid thing into the wall socket instead of the power strip. Let’s hope that keeps it working because I honestly could care less if it doesn’t. I have my own television in my room. I’d only miss watching the Food Network with my mom on Saturdays and the occasional Korean dramas on Monday nights.

Its so annoying being blamed for crap like that. It’s always the other person’s fault. Heaven forbid there’s something wrong with the actual appliance that is beyond any one person’s fault. I mean, I used the stupid remote to turn the television on and off! It’s not like I threw water on it. And my mom just called. Television’s still broken. Well, according to logic, she broke it this time.

Anyway, enough about that. Yesterday I ran into some old family friends and got the chance to catch up. We used to go to the same church many, many moons ago and I think the oldest son used to have a crush on me. Too bad I was older than him and thought he was kinda lame. If you hadn’t had guessed, I can be kind of mean and stuck up. Perish the thought! Shocking isn’t? Anyway, we’re all grown now and that same kid is now playing minor league baseball. Funny how things happen isn’t?

Anyway, we were talking and the daughter now has an adorable little baby and we were chatting and she asked me if I had kids. This question always strikes me as weird simply because that’s not the way my mind is wired. I understand that it happens all the time [trust me, we had a day care in my high school] and that you honestly can’t control it but thanks to the wonders of medical science, there are ways to put it off for as long as possible, provided you follow the very simple directions and you can bet your bottom dollar that I would happily employ these options. If they’re available, why not? I remember one time a while back, I was at my play aunt’s house and one of her friends asked me if I had kids and then if I was married. In that order. Um, okay.

But honestly, I just barely got a handle on taking care of myself; there’s no way I’d complicate things by adding a baby to the mix. You mean I’d have to take care of another human being for longer than a few hours? LIKE FOR THE NEXT 18+ YEARS? That is not the business right now. Come see me in like, 5 years if I’m married by then. At least I’ll have reinforcements with the bf. I know how hard it can be raising kids on your own and honestly, I just don’t want that life.

I was listening to the radio yesterday when Color Me Badd’s “I Wanna Sex You Up” came on the radio and I dissolved into elementary kid giggling as if I was in class learning about the human body. What an awesomely bad song [I think it’s actually on that list somewhere…]. Did whoever wrote that song think it would ever work? And you know someone out there somewhere actually played that song too for that reason. It’s just too obvious and cheesy. If the bf ever played that song, there’s no way I’d ever take him seriously. I’d just laugh and go to bed. The worse part is they actually have a speaking part in the middle of the song. I don’t like it when singers feel the need to talk in their songs. It always makes me physically embarrassed for them. It’s not a good feeling either. I just want to shush them and tell them it’s okay, they don’t have to keep going if they don’t want to. It’s just all bad.

Note to songwriters/singers: do not add speaking parts to songs. Ever.

Note to self: Pick an optometrist already and make an appointment. Sheesh.

Oooh…this is so not the right time!

3 posts in one day? I know. So much for not being in the mood to write huh?

So this Lenny Kravitz song…why did it almost make me cry? I was seriously thisclose to wanting to bawl before I remembered I was at work and, quite frankly, I don’t want to be “the girl that cried at work.”

But the song. It’s so pretty. And I’m so feeling it right now.

You can read the lyrics after the jump…just hand me a tissue before you go. Thanks.

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