It’s art if it doesn’t make you giggle

We are winding down the renovations in the new house [I’ve been thinking of doing quick update snippets on the progress with before and after pictures of some of the rooms as they finish…anyone else interested?] and the need to settle on the artwork for my room has returned.

See, earlier last month, when I should have been working on my group projects, I started working on some new art for my new room. Allow me to set the scene for you:

I decided that I want to go for a more “adult” room. Presently, at least, before I dismantled it, my current room was your stereotypical high school kid’s room with every available wall space [and at one point, ceiling!] covered with posters and pictures of athletes. I had posters of Derek Jeter, HWSNBN [when I actually liked him. You know, when he was still a Mariner], Tiger Woods and numerous pictures of other players usually cycled in and out [Wally Szczerbiak, Paul Kariya, Tony Gonzalez, Charles Woodson, Roberto Luongo, Will Demps, etc], as illustrated in this picture [except imagine 3 walls of this]:

Crazy, I know.

But now I want something more grown up. So I trashed all the posters and pictures [except for my ESPN poster. It’s too awesome to dump. I plan on framing it eventually] and decided to start from scratch in the new room. Instead of buying art, which can be kind of expensive, I decided to paint my own pictures on canvas at a fraction of the cost. I found some pictures on iStockphoto and made stencils and viola! New cute art on the cheap:

I love them and was extremely excited for them but now I’m thinking I might want to change it up again. I really love the henna print one and I think I want to scrap the other three and make three more henna designs, especially since my bedspread is henna inspired:


So my question is, if I end up dropping the other three pictures, what should I do with them? They’re really cute and I think they should be displayed somewhere but where? I don’t know if it’ll fit with the overall feel I’m going for in my room. Maybe I’ll try to put them in one of the other rooms.

Any suggestions?

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3 thoughts on “It’s art if it doesn’t make you giggle

  1. Vanessa says:

    Your current little dilemma brings back such a cool memory for me. When I was little each of the grandchildren on my mother’s side received tiny canvas paintings that my great-grandmother, Elsa, painted when she was alive. Aside from my Ewok plush collection, they were my most prized childhood possessions. As far as I know, we have all passed them down to our kids and I hope to keep up the tradition.

    I’m sure you see where I’m going, but I’ll tell you anyway: I think it would be neat if you passed them along to your nieces and/or nephews and it would be something special. They’re just way too cute to end up in a bathroom or a closet. Or, you could package them up for safe-keeping for your future child(ren).

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