The marks are in!

Final grades were posted yesterday and I’m bummed.

I got a B+ in Economics y’all. 

A B+. That so ruined my streak of A-minuses. Seriously. I haven’t done that well in school since…well, since high school? Maybe? Anywho, the point is one of these things is not like the others.

I’ll give you a hint: it begins with the letter B and ends with the symbol +. I think the worst thing was that I missed an A- by a measly 1.5 points! I would try to argue but that would actually necessitate a 3-point boost in my final exam grade and my final exam wasn’t that fabulous. I’d be hard pressed to squeeze a single extra point out of that thing, let alone three. So I just need to accept this as the truth and move on.

Because I know I sound like a complete nerdy jerk for complaining about getting a B+ when there are educationally starved children in some country over there that don’t even get B-pluses. How dare I be so insensitive and selfish?! WHAT NERVE!

But I am a classic overachiever. Well, that’s not true. Let me back that up. I’m what I would call an effort-adverse overachiever. I love getting good grades. I just don’t like having to invest that much effort, though I will do it if need be. But I won’t be happy about it. I’m probably a pretty infuriating kind of student to have. But I do have tons of charm that maybe balances things out just enough to keep the teachers from wringing my neck.

Loves ya!

I ended up getting an A in my Marketing Management class, which really makes that B+ grind my gears. Sigh. I guess I really shouldn’t be complaining. What, with all those educationally starved children in some country over there with no B-pluses of their own.

Someone’s gotta think of the children.

One thought on “The marks are in!

  1. Contact your professor and explain that you where only 1.5 points away from your A-. Explain your A streak in grades. Tell her/him that you are willing to write an additional research paper for the A-.

    Professors always reward effort. As is, he/she just did the math and thats where your score landed. It doesn’t have to stay there.

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